our classrooms are spacious and airy, with sensible, comfortable seating for children. Along with blackboards, they are equipped with nice bulletin boards, which allow the students to display their talents.

Computer Lab
Keeping abreast with this age of great dependency on technology, a high tech computer lab was designed in which children of Nursery learn through CD – ROM’s.

School has spacious Sports Ground which used as playground for children.


The school has a canteen within the school premises that serves cold drinks, and snacks such as idli, pav- wada, sandwiches, samosas, etc.

Parent-Teacher Association

We believe that since the school and home are the primary and most important socialising agents of a child, there needs to be a clear and constant communication between both. The PTA was formed for exactly this purpose. The school holds various seminars that help bring parents and teachers closer together to achieve mutual goals for the brighter future of the children.